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Twenty-nine citizens of Kershaw District "represent as an evil the premission of Slaves, and free persons of colour, at Military reviews and muster grounds." They contend that "the true policy of the State is to prevent them from being present at such places, and on such occasions, as would enable them to witness and become acquainted, with the use of arms." The also argue that "martial music, and the warlike movement of troops are calculated to fire their bosoms with feelings, which, at an evil hour, may burst forth with distructive fury, and distroy the peace and lives of our fellow citizens." The petitioners "also present as an evil the practice ... of premitting slaves, and free persons of colour, to serve as musicians in military corps, and at military reviews." They therefore submit their concerns “to your honorable body, trusting that you will take them into serious consideration, and dispose of them for the best interests of the State.”

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