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Ann Drayton Perry avers that her slave Agrippa was "condemned to Transportation, by the Court, organised for the Trial of Slaves and others, charged with attempting to raise an Insurrection." She argues, however, that Agrippa's name "was never mentioned nor given in, in any of the lists made out by the Conspirators that gave evidence in behalf of the State"; indeed, he only came before the court "as a witness in favor of" Captain Sims's slave Scipio. The petitioner charges that Agrippa's guilt stemmed from the testimony of Perault, "(a fellow possessing intelligence and understanding above the generality of Negroes, glorying in the part he was to act, and boasting he would do it again, if an opportunity offered.) She relates that, in bargaining to rent a horse from Perault, Agrippa had said that he planned to use the horse "to do a thing good for you and good for me," which Perault "understood was to go to raise men for the Insurrection." Perry insists that this statement is hardly sufficient to banish Agrippa from the limits of the United States. Noting that the freeholders estimate Agrippa to be worth $1,000, the petitioner prays that "your Honorable Body ... will be pleased to restore her the Negro; or if, in your justice and wisdom, you should deem the sacrifice necessary, that you will give her the value of the slave."

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