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Six Georgetown District residents seek compensation for Ann Paisley of Prince George's Parish, whose slave Henrietta betrayed an insurrection plot. They recount that Henrietta, "on or about 20th of July last," heard "the man Charles one of the Ring leaders in the late conspiracy in their quarter," make "use of some threatening expressions in anticipation of the intended insurrection"; Henrietta immediately informed Paisley and Charles was quickly taken up, confessed, and implicated others. They further report that slaves were "very generally excited" against Henrietta and that she was even attacked by a slave named Joe, who was captured, tried, and executed. The petitioners therefore ask that Henrietta and her child be emancipated. In addition, they insist that Ann Paisley should be granted an annual stipend since she is a woman of little means and Henrietta "constituted at present almost her sole support."

Result: Referred to claims committee.

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Repository: South Carolina Department of Archives and History, Columbia, South Carolina