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Samuel Page seeks compensation for a slave, John, who was convicted and hanged "for having committed an assault and battery on a white female with intent to commit a rape"; the Court of Magistrates and Freeholders valued the slave at two hundred dollars. At the trial, Margaret Myer testified that a man stepped behind her about dusk, pulled her bonnet over her face, and "tried to smother me with his hand." Margaret's sister, R. J. Myer, yelled for their father and kicked the assailant with her thick shoes. She testified that the said John "then struck me and called me a devil." R. J. further states that the man "did not interfere with her [sister’s] dress, have no ideas from his motions what were his intentions -- I saw no attempt either by word or action to commit the deed of which he is accused."

Result: Granted, awarded $200.

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Repository: South Carolina Department of Archives and History, Columbia, South Carolina