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Forty-six citizens of St. Bartholomew Parish seek legislation to prevent free persons of color from retailing liquor, especially to slaves. They maintain that said practice of "selling spiritous liquors" to the slave population is "a great nuisance" and "is prevalent in our section of the country, working great mischief and in the opinion of the undersigned, ought to be restricted by the action of the Legislature." The petitioners "believe it is in the power of the Legislature to pass an Act, throwing suitable safe guards around the community on this subject, so as to secure good order, and to protect the rights and morals of the country." They therefore “earnestly ask your Honorable Body, to take this matter into serious consideration and to adopt such action in the premises, as in the Wisdom and Patriotism of Your Honorable Body may seem justly to be dictated by the intrinsic importance of the subject.”

Result: Referred to judiciary committee.

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