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William F. Ervin, son of the late Robert Ervin, represents that his father manumitted a slave named Sye "in consideration of his fidelity and good conduct." He further reports that the said Sye, who assumed the name Sye Ervin after his manumission, "accumulated a small property; and with a part of it purchased a female slave with whom he had previously lived as a wife and a female grandchild named Clarissa." Ervin states that Sye died intestate in 1836 or 1837, leaving a small farm in St. John's Parish, where his said wife lived until her death. He notes that when Sye's granddaughter Clarissa died in 1851, she left six slave children, the eldest age eleven, the youngest an infant. The petitioner declares that he was called upon by his neighbors to attend to the family, who "were left wholly destitute and were in danger of starvation." Averring that he "has taken charge of and supported the said slaves ever since, and has been subjected to considerable expense," the petitioner prays "that all right and Title of the State to the said Property, real and personal, may be released to your petitioner."

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