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The executors of Edward Holmes represent that their testator directed in his last will and testament that "a certain negro woman slave named Lydia should be emancipated by your petitioners after his death." They further report that the said Lydia "is between forty and fifty years of age ... and has been a faithful, humble and obedient servant." They acknowledge, however, that "owing to the existing statutory laws of the State they are unable to effectuate his intention and wish in the emancipation of the said slave without sending her beyond the limits of the State of Tennessee." The petitioners declare that said Lydia, "desiring to remain with her children, would prefer a state of slavery to removal." They therefore pray "your Honorable body to pass a law authorising your petitioners as executors aforesaid to carry the will of said Edward into effect so far as relates to the emancipation of said Lydia and her suffered to remain in this State."

Result: "reasonable".

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