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Samuel McCulloch came to Texas with his father, Samuel McColloch the elder, in 1835. He recounts that "he entered the military service of Texas" and took part "in the storming of the Fort at Goliad," where "he received a severe wound in the right shoulder." McCulloch notes that "he was the only one of the Texan Troops wounded in that action, and the first whose blood was shed in the War of Independence." The petitioner laments that "by the Laws of the Country, for the Independence of which he has fought and bled, and will suffer, he is deprived of the privileges of citizenship by reason of an unfortunate admixture of African blood, which he is said, without any fault of his, to inherit from a remote maternal ancestor." Having never applied for the lands "to which he was entitled under the Mexican Government," McCulloch seeks the "quantum of land that is allowed to other persons, who were citizens of the Country before the declaration of Independence" and asks that he and his children be granted the rights of citizenship.

Result: Referred to committee on judiciary.

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