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William Hudson represents that "a secret organization ... composed of persons inimical to the Confederate States Government" was uncovered in the county in 1862. He further states that he feared when said group "felt itself sufficiently strong, then to throw off the veil of secrecy and openly espouse the Federal Cause, fully endorsing the abolition administration of Abraham Lincoln, and with fire and sword to devastate the whole country -- murder and rob all persons favourable to the South indiscriminately, without regard to age condition of sex." Seeking to preempt such an attack, Hudson recounts that he and six or seven hundred citizens "commenced the work by arresting about seventy (70) of the members of said organization, suspected of treason, and carried them to the town of Gainesville in said County, for safekeeping and trial." Hudson explains that "there being no jail house of the sufficient capacity, to hold the accused, it was necessary to procure a strong guard of the citizens." Hudson, as Brigadier General of the militia, avers that he used his own money to pay for provisions. He therefore "asks that an appropriation be made of Forty five hundred Dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary to pay off the debts thus accrued."

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