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Robert Todd, the executor of John Todd, and Jane Todd, Todd's executrix and widow, state that "their Testator upon the opening of Land Office in the year 1779 vested the greatest part of his personal property in Land Warrants" that were located "in the District of Kentucky." They lament, however, that "before titles could be obtained for the Lands to which he was intitled he was killed by Indians in an engagement with them." The Todds assert that "a sale of part of the Lands" of said estate would provide support for Mary Owen Todd, the testator's five-year-old child, as well as enable the debts to be discharged; any surplus could "be applied to the purpose of purchasing Slaves," as Jane "would be Satisfied to take her Dower in the Slaves to be purchased, in Lieu of her Dower in the Lands." The petitioners therefore "Pray that an act may pass, appointing Trustees to Sell & convey as much of the Lands belonging to the Estate as will pay off the Demands thereupon and purchase two likely young Negro fellows and one Wench to be vested in the Said Mary Owen Todd & your Petitioner."

Result: Reasonable.

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