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Citizens of the town of Petersburg petition on behalf of Graham Bell, a "Mulatto man" they describe as an "Industrious, Honest, Quiet, and Respectable Citizen" who "reflects credit" upon "his station if life" by the "Integrity of his Conduct." They represent to the legislature that Bell posted $500 as security when his son, who, tho' unlike his Father in Conduct, was still a Child," was accused of forging a bond and "examined for the imputed offence at Greenville county court." When an indictment was handed down by the grand jury, the son absconded and the father was left with a substantial debt. The petitioners ask the legislature to intervene for the remission of the penalty; for if execution is levied on his property Bell will lose everything he has worked for. They emphasize that, although not "mixing in the more polished circles of Society," Bell is humble, quiet, and reputable.

Result: Claims committee, reasonable, reported.

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