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William Howard informs the court that in January 1806 he was married to Elizabeth Dean, "whose character and conduct in life, was represented" in the "most favourable point of View." He therefore "entered into the matrimonial compact with the said Elizabeth in full hopes and confidence that" she would attend to "her Bed and Board, and in all respect discharge" the duties of "a good and faithfull wife." For his part, he also determined to "perform the duties of a good and faithfull Husband." However, within a year Howard discovered that his wife was engaged in "brutal and licentious connections" with a variety of men. Still "not willing to lend too favourable an Ear to the Reports prevalant in the neighbourhood," he determined to see for himself. So it is with certainty that he can now state that upon his return home "at a late Houre," he found his wife undressed and in bed with a "Certain Aldredge Evans a Man of coulour, and reputed to be a mulatoe." Howard ordered his wife out and they have been separated ever since. Howard seeks a divorce.

Result: Reasonable.

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