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Robin Justice, who purchased himself from his owner, William Justice, around 1801, purchased his wife, Eve, three years later, from Henry Parker, for the sum of 68 pounds. He purchased Even with the objective of emancipating her. As he did not have the full amount for the purchase, he applied to two white citizens to be his securities; the two men agreed to loan him the money, but on the condition that Eve would be conveyed to her husband as a slave, acting as collateral on the debt. During the next few years, the couple had two children. Eve and the children have remained in bondage pending repayment of the purchase price to Robin Justice's securities. He has now recently fully paid the debt and wishes to emancipate his family. Unfortunately, he explains, they are subject to the law passed 25 January 1806, requiring emancipated blacks to leave the state within one year, or be sold by overseers of the poor. He asks that his family be emancipated and allowed to remain in the state.

Result: Reasonable.

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