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Nancy and her daughter Sophia are entitled to their freedom by the will of their late owner, Henry Holloway. However, Nancy informs the court, she and Sophia are "precluded from availing themselves (should they remain in the state) of the benefits intended to be confered on them by" their late owner because of "the provisions of the act entitled 'an act to amend the several Laws Concerning Slaves' passed on the Twenty fifth day of January 1806," which requires freed slaves to leave the state of forfeit their freedom. To venture to an unknown land, Nancy explains, "in the midst of Strangers, cut off from the society & aid of relations & friends," would be unbearable. She asks the legislature to give her permission "to remain within the limits of Virginia and to enjoy the immunities & priviledges to which they are entitled, under the Will of" their late master.

Result: Rejected.

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