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Jacob, a free man of color, requests permission to remain in Virginia with his wife and children. Jacob was emancipated by the last will and testament of his late owner, John Holt, and the deed of emancipation was executed in 1813 by John Holt's executor, Nathaniel Holt. Jacob says that "he believes that no Member of your honorable Body will suspect that a Black Free Man cannot have the tender affection of a Husband & a Father, and that when your Petitioner has informed the Legislature that he stands in the situation of a Father & a Husband on whom Sentence of Banishment is pronounced, owning to the Circumstance of this his Situation not being made known to the Legislature who passed the Act authorizing his Emancipation, he humbly hopes that your honorably Body will pass an Act authorizing his Residence with this Family the few Years which Providence may allott to him of his future Life."

Result: Rejected.

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