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Hembro and Dilsy Gallego represent that Joseph Gallego executed deeds of manumission for Hembro on 15 December 1807 and for Dilsy on 7 July 1801. They recount that they have "possessed themselves of some valuable real and personal property which has been acquired by honest Industry." The couple further represents that they have a son named Phil, who "was born in Bondage," and that they "purchased him of his owner." They therefore "look with anxiety to Your Honourable Bodies to sustain their Petitioners, and that their Prayer may be granted, which is, that Phil their only Son, and only Child, may be emancipated from the Shackles of his Parents Successors, and that he may be enabled to inherit, at the Death of Your Petitioners, the property they may possess, and hold the same to all interests and purposes, as tho he had been born originally free."

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