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In 1812, Frederick Harris, Esq. purchased a slave named Billey or Billey Eve from the estate of the late Robert Harris and set him up as "superintendent or overseer for a small farm." According to Frederick Harris, Robert Harris had intended to free Billey, but he had died suddenly and intestate. Billey was then allotted to Robert Harris's widow as part of her dower. While in the widow Harris's possession Billey collected some savings, which at the time of the widow's death amounted to $200. When Robert Harris's estate was auctioned off, after Mrs. Harris's death, Billey offered Frederick Harris his savings of $200 toward the price of his purchase and committed to pay $50 per year until the price was fully paid. This commitment he has now fulfilled and Frederick Harris seeks to free him and obtain permission for him to remain in Virginia.

Result: Laid on the table.

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