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On 24 March 1816, the slave Hannibal absconded from his owner, William Cassels, in Amelia County, and several weeks later, on 16 April 1816, he was captured and jailed in Chesterfield County. Hannibal lied about his name, place of residence, and the name of his owner. When his owner could not be located, he was sold in September 1817 for $506 "according to law to pay prison fees" to a slave trader named G. G. Washington. Later Cassels discovered the fate of his slave, who finally confessed to one Anderson P. Miller what his real name was and the name of his owner. In fact Hannibal, a "yellow complected" man, made the observation that although "he was veary well pleased with his master … his Mistress was blacker than himself and he had determined on not gowing to that plantation again." Cassels seeks to be reimbursed the amount paid into the state treasury from the sale of his slave.

Result: Bill drawn.

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