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After serving Thomas Campbell for more than forty-five years, the slave Roger was freed by the last will of testament of Campbell's son, John Campbell, who had inherited him from his father. However, soon after acquiring his right to freedom, Roger was re-enslaved by the late John's brother, Thomas Campbell Jr., and remained in slavery for approximately two more years. Roger brought suit in the county court and his freedom was confirmed. Now he faces the prospect of having to emigrate as required by the law. Old and infirm he would certainly suffer greatly in "some distant and unknown land." The petitioner has inherited a large part of John Campbell's estate and he is "willing to be the security of the said Roger that he shall never become a burden to the public and to give further security if deem'd necessary to support him during his natural life, as he believes that himself and his family are now enjoying the fruits of the labour of said Roger."

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