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As "freeholders in the neighborhood where the within named Roger has been for many years, and having been personally acquainted with him," fifteen citizens of Jefferson County assert, "do hereby certify the we consider him to be man of good character, that he is both honest and industrious, and have never heard of any blame being attached to him whatever." According to the petitioners, Roger was "unjustly inslaved by Thomas Campbell Jr., and with much difficulty and expense he has extricated himself therefrom, and being now in the decline of life," it is unfortunate that he must be compeled to leave his home, and his family, as the law requires of emancipated slaves. The petitioners support the offer of John C. Green, who, in a related petition, had asked the legislature to authorize Roger to remain in the state and offered guarantees that he would never become a public burden. The related petition relates the circumstances of Roger's emancipation and who had owned him before he was freed.

Result: Reasonable.

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