Petition #11682810


Phillis and Hannah and Hannah's four children "pray, that leave may be granted them to reside permanently within the limits of this commonwealth." They state that the late James Scott emancipated them upon "the death of his widow" and devised "to them the land of which he died possessed." Hannah points out that her mother Phillis is "almost on the brink of the grave" and "the fatigues and difficulties of a removal ... may prove fatal to her." She further discloses that "she has a husband in the neighborhood in which she lives, who is a slave, the property of John T. Cowan, and the father of her children." Hannah therefore requests that, "in the event of the refusal of the foregoing petition," she may be permitted to remain in the state long enough "to complete the payment" of $620, the sum agreed upon by the said John Cowan for the purchase of her husband.

Result: Bill drawn.

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