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Forty-five-year-old Phill Cooler represents that "his wife is a free woman of colour and your petitioner a slave" and that she "purchased him from his former owners and he in fact is her slave." He further states that "they by their mutual industry and good conduct have accumulated property both real and personal" and that "his said wife is very anxious to give him his freedom so as to permit him to remain in the state of Virginia." Avowing that he "has always maintained a good and fair character," the petitioner declares that "his wife whose name is Eliza Morriss unites most heartily in this petition." They therefore "jointly and most earnestly pray that your honourable body in its humanity and goodness will pass an act by which the said Eliza Morriss may be authorised to liberate your petitioner Phill Cooler and so to do it as to permit him to remain in the state to which he is much attached and for the defence of which he would if called on spend the last drop of his blood."

Result: Rejected.

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