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Six heirs and representatives of the late Turner Dixon represent that the said Dixon died in 1820, leaving his widow Maria and twelve children. The petitioners further state that "a large tract of Land containing between thirteen and fourteen hundred acres and more than fifty slaves which have since considerably increased were allotted to his widow as her dower." The heirs also note that "previous to the death of the said Turner Dixon their aforesaid Mother Maria Dixon was in a state of Lunacy; in which condition she hath ever since remained." Of the opinion that "the proffits of the dower of their Mother are greatly more than sufficient to maintain her in her present condition," the petitioners submit that "it would be greatly for the benefit of the family if the Land and slaves which have been allotted to her and the proffits which have accumulated could be divided amongst her children." They therefore "pray that a Law of the character above indicated may pass."

Result: Referred to committee.

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