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Twenty-five residents of Culpeper County ask that sixty-year-old Robin be permitted to remain in Virginia. They recount that the late Benjamin Ferguson emancipated said Robin, who was "compelled to leave the state." They further report that Robin went to Ohio where "he remained some time, but not being reconciled to live without his wife," he "has lately returned to Virginia and is anxious to remain." The petitioners avow that the free man of color "would prefer returning to slavery to losing the society of his wife." They therefore pray "your honorable body the passage of a law permitting him to live out the balance of his days here where he was born and where he hopes to die." The petitioners aver that Robin is "one of the best disposed and most orderly men of his colour in the country and at the same time he is useful as a handy man with tools in various ways."

Result: Referred to committee for courts of justice.

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