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Thirty-seven residents of Northumberland County believe "that a large majority of the good people of this Commonwealth favorably regard the great Colonization Scheme, and that when this disposition is definitely expressed the Legislature will promptly extend to the cause that assistance which the people are anxious, through them, to bestow." They further "cordially bear testimony to the oft-repeated fact, that free persons of colour among us, are the most degraded, as well as the most wretched class of our population and we believe that nothing short of colonizing them in Africa, could be done to ameliorate effectually their condition." The petitioners point out that "it is the design of the Virginia Colonization Society, if the requisite funds can be obtained, to establish in Africa a new colony, called, 'New Virginia', to consist of settlers from our own State"; they admit, however, that "to carry out this design seems impossible without legislative aid." They therefore pray "the continuance of the Act of 1833-34 -- that is, an appropriation, free from all restrictions which would render it unavailable, of $18,000 annually for five years, from the 3rd of March next ensuing."

Result: Bill drawn.

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