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Sixty-two-year-old Stephen Bias asks to remain in the state of Virginia. Bias represents that he purchased his freedom from Joel W. Brown and that said Brown "executed a deed of emancipation in favour of your petitioner" on 25 October 1837. He further relates that "he emigrated to the state of Ohio in the Fall of the year 1837 with the sincere hope and desire that he should be able to spend the remainder of his days happily and contentedly." He laments, however, that "he found after a trial of about six months residence there, that so marked was the difference in the manners and habits of the people of Ohio" that "he would prefer being sold into slavery in Virginia to being again compelled to emigrate & reside in the state of Ohio." A hostler by trade, Bias also discloses that he “purchased his wife of a certain John Winn of the town of Charlottesville at the sum of one hundred and fifty dollars which sum he has entirely paid off." The petitioner therefore prays "that your Honourable Body will grant him permission to remain within the Commonwealth of Virginia."

Result: Rejected.

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