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“At a meeting of the citizens of the county of Buckingham, held at the Court House on Saturday, the 14th of March, to propose some suitable means for the suppression of incendiarism,” five resolutions were unanimously adopted: 1) slaveholders should "adopt among themselves the most efficient means of keeping good order" on their property, including the use of patrols, nightly inspections of slave quarters, and the inauguration of a more diligent pass system; 2) people who trade with slaves without their owners' permission should be socially ostracized; 3) the assembly should amend the license laws for liquor retailers to require an oath that the retailer will not sell liquor to a slave with the slave holder's permission; 4) slaves suspected of committing felonies should be transported out of the state regardless of whether they are convicted of the crime; 5) county courts should permanently appoint patrols for slave control.

Result: Referred to committee.

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