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Twenty-nine "citizens of James City and York and the surrounding County" represent that John, a slave held by Francis M. Jones, "was condemned to the punishment of death for burning the jail of Middlesex County" and that said slave was later sold "and transported beyond the limits of the United States." The petitioners state that "the County Court of Middlesex valued said slave above, at the sum of Two Hundred and Fifty Dollars." Believing "said slave was worth at least Six Hundred Dollars," the petitioners pray "the General Assembly ... pay the said Francis M. Jones an additional sum of Three Hundred and Fifty Dollars which we regard as just and proper." They contend that said John "did not burn the Jail from malice, nor from any other motive than to escape from confinement therein to which he had been subjected as a Runaway."

Result: Referred to claims committee.

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