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The trustee and twenty-three heirs of the late Sarah Brown Rainey, who are all residents of Alabama and Mississippi, seek to collect their inheritance of slaves. In 1804, Sarah's father, John Upery, willed to her slaves named Frank and Jinny and Jinny's increase. Sarah and her husband, William Brown, then removed with the slaves to South Carolina, where in 1816, Brown placed the slaves under a deed of trust. The trust stated that he and his wife had use of the property during their lifetimes, but after their deaths, the slaves would revert to their children. William died soon after, and Sarah then married Thomas Rainey, who executed a penal bond in case he "should not permit the property contained in said deed of trust to be held enjoyed and disposed of according to the terms and stipulations in said deed contained." Sarah has recently died, and now Thomas refuses to deliver up the slaves; instead, he has attempted to remove them to Georgia. The petitioners pray that Thomas Rainey be ordered to give the slaves to them so that a proper division of the estate can be made. [Petition is missing pages.]

Result: Granted.

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