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Dred Scott, a man of color, represents that he is "claimed as a slave by one Irene Emerson," widow of Dr. John Emerson. Dr. Emerson bought Scott and took him to Rock Island, Illinois, where he worked for the doctor, a surgeon in the United States Army. Dr. Emerson left Rock Island and went to Fort Snelling on the St. Peter's River in the Iowa Territory, taking Scott with him. After five years, when Dr. Emerson was sent to Florida, he hired Scott out to Captain Bainbridge. Dr. Emerson has died and now his widow, Irene Emerson, claims Scott as her slave. Claiming "that he is entitled to his freedom," Dred Scott "prays your honor to allow him to sue said Irene Emerson in said Court, in order to establish his right to freedom."

Result: Petition granted; plea of trespass filed, denied, appealed, reversed and remanded.

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