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Peter Wyatt purchased "a negro man slave named David" from Moses Greer in July 1822, in exchange for a note for $551.02, from his brother William Wyatt, along with a horse, saddle and bridle valued at $100. The petitioner states that he "had said negro only a few days before he ran away stole some property and in attempting to escape was shot at and hit -- after apprehension in a very few days he again ran away -- And again in the same manner a third time." The petitioner states that "he did not get more than about one weeks service from said negro in consequence of his running away." During David's third attempt at absconding, he committed a robbery and "was taken up, tried & hanged for the crime in May or June 1823." In the petitioner's mind, the slave's death "is fairly and alone attributable to his bad character," and he states that David "was sent or run from the State of Georgia on account of his bad character and that this was known to Greer previous to sale." In addition, the petitioner discloses that Moses Campbell has sued Greer for payment of the note tendered in the purchase of David and Campbell received from the court an $861 judgment, which remains unpaid. The petitioner charges that Greer and Campbell are attempting to defraud him and he asks the court to enjoin them from collecting the debt, and enjoin his brother, William, from paying it, until the court can hear the case. Wyatt, noting that "he has never received one cent compensation for the loss of the negro," also seeks said compensation along with a $100 reimbursement of the court costs of defending David's robbery charge.

Result: Dismissed; appealed; reversed; remanded.

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