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Harwood Goodwin states that there has been no resolution to his original petition, dated 15 September 1830, because of court continuances in the case. The petitioner states that the two slaves in question, Jim and Lucy, "have long since discharged all just claims which deft could have had," and that the slaves "ought to have been restored to your Orator for which and on account the bill prayed." Goodwin notes new circumstances have occurred since he initiated his original suit. He states that Lucy is now the mother of four children and that the defendant "has & does keep them & their mother to the detriment of your Orator." He also states that Camp "sold & disposed of Jim," and that the defendant is now in the process of retrieving Jim from the purchaser. The petitioner believes "that said Defendant intends to prevent the cause from coming to trial," stating that Camp has stated that "your Orator never should have said slaves," giving Goodwin good reason to believe that Camp intends "to run said slaves off." Goodwin therefore asks the court "to award a writ of Attachment, to take said slaves into the possession of the Sheriff."

Result: Granted.

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