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William W. Mock and Mary Ann E. Wyatt, the legal representatives of the late Peter Wyatt, seek the court's permission to revive a bill originally filed by Peter Wyatt in 1827. Wyatt's petition was initially dismissed, but upon his appeal to the state supreme court, a new ruling cited error in the case, thereby annulling the first verdict and remanding the case to a lower court. The court gave Wyatt leave to amend his bill and continue its prosecution, but Wyatt died before he could accomplish that task. Wyatt's administrators argue that they are "entitled to revive and prosecute said suit in the same manner as if the said Peter Wyatt had not departed his life," and "to this end therefore that the said suit may be fairly prosecuted and full and ample Justice done in the premises." The petitioners seek $2000 in damages as they contend that Greer sold Wyatt a slave of known "bad character."

Result: Granted.

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