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Camilla Bunkley, widow of William Bunkley, asserts that her husband's considerable estate, which includes a large number of slaves, will be more profitable to the estate's distributees, "your petitioner & her two children the eldest of which is nine years old," if it remains intact. She believes "that more money could be realised for the said distributees by cultivating the lands and by retaining the property together than by selling the lands & lending the money or by a lease of the land & letting the negroes to hire." Since "the negroes & land could not be divided in such a manner as to convey in three separate plantations," and because "her children will be incapable for the next ten years of exercising an effectual or legitimate control over the estate to which they are entitled," she asks the court to exempt the estate from partition. Related documents reveal that the estate was finally partitioned in 1847 among Camilla Bunkley, now Mrs. Gerald, her son Gordon S. Bunkley, and the estate of her late son, William J. Bunkley.

Result: Granted.

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