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Martha McComb Logan and her husband, John, state that in 1816, her sister, Ann McComb, "brought from the State of South Carolina a negro boy named Will then about twelve years old to the residence of complainants in Madison County Alabama." Will "was sent out by Andrew McComb the common ancester of said defendant and your oratrix to be kept in the possession of said Defendant for the joint benefit of her and your Oratrix." However, the Logans contend, Ann McComb "concealed from your Orator the nature of said trust and of his interest in the services of said negro." Several years later, McComb moved away and "has had the exclusive services of said negro ever since until she secretly sold him for about one thousand dollars," the petitioners say. They seek compensation in the amount of half of the slave's hire since McComb left their residence and half of the proceeds from the sale of the slave.

Result: Dismissed.

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