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Cornelius Todd received a loan from John Hardie, putting up three slaves as collateral. One of the slaves, Jack, thirty-four years of age and of "yellow complexion," was valued at seven hundred dollars. Hardie possessed Jack from October 1828 until March 1830, at which Todd regained possession. Over the next six years, however, Jack passed into the possession of several men, and even temporarily returned under Todd's control. Todd asserts that his debt has long since been paid, but that the slave is now laboring in the possession of one James Hill, who refuses to return him. Todd seeks recovery of the slave and payment for his hire. In his related answer to the charges, Hardie contends that Jack was sold to him, not mortgaged as collateral for a debt, and that he had a right to resell him. His contention is supported by the other defendants who claim that they each purchased Jack with a bona fide title to him.

Result: Dismissed.

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