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Martha Nabors asserts that soon after her marriage, her husband, Nathan Nabors "commenced a scene of oppression and cruelty unparalleled, almost in a civilized country," whereby he "habituated himself to beastly inebriation." In addition, Martha charges that her husband has been financially reckless, squandering the property her father gave her upon her marriage in 1828. She states that, sometime before her marriage, her father gave her two slaves -- Mill and Charles -- "for her sole and separate use" during her lifetime. Mill now has seven children, one of whom has been sold by Nathan Nabors. Martha estimates the value of the slaves to be worth five thousand dollars. Nabors argues that her husband threatens to sell the slaves beyond the state of Alabama, thus robbing her of "a comfortable support in her old age" that the slave property would provide. She asks the court to sequester the slaves until her husband provides a sufficient bond. She also requests that the slaves be hired out to help pay court costs. Her final pray to the court is for a divorce and alimony.

Result: Dismissed.

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