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John Martin seeks court intervention in a property dispute with Robert Huie. The tract was purchased jointly by Martin and Charles Jeter, but Jeter died before the land could be divided, and his share was sold to Huie. Huie and Martin then divided the land, allotting Huie the northern half and the petitioner the southern portion. Martin now writes that Huie or his overseer, "with the negroes of said Huie, have entered on the South half of said lands and cut down and injured a large quantity of the timber, and are removing or preparing to remove the same." In addition, Huie refuses to give Martin a title to his share of the land. The petitioner asks the court for an injunction to restrain Huie from "committing waste on the South half of said Lands" and to compel him to issue a title confirming his ownership of the southern portion of the property.

Result: Granted.

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Repository: Montgomery County Courthouse, Montgomery, Alabama