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William H. Thompson seeks to settle business accounts with his former partner Lott Ballard. He states that, being possessed of slaves but no land, he agreed to buy one half of a tract of land from Ballard and to enter into a farming partnership with the latter. He claims that he and Ballard had verbally agreed that each partner "should furnish an equal number of negro slaves and that each should supply an equal portion of horses & mules, farming utensils and all other things." Each partner was to share equally in the plantation profits and both could "supply themselves from the product of said plantation so far as said product would answer the purposes of subsistence." The petitioner charges that "Ballard & Lott" raised 130 bags or 65,000 pounds of cotton in 1838 which netted the partners a $2000 profit. He cites that the plantation yielded 180 bags of cotton in 1839 and 140 bags of cotton in 1840. Thompson "expressly charges, that out of the proceeds of the cotton crops of the years 1838, 1839 and 1840 he has never received one dollar to his share." They agreed to dissolve the partnership in 1841, and he now asks that the court order Lott to settle accounts and "pay your Orator his share of said partnership profits."

Result: Dismissed.

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