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Alfred V. Scott and William M. Marks, representatives of a trust set up by Thomas B. Scott for his wife Martha, sue several people to protect the property contained in the trust from Thomas Scott's creditors. They report that the trust, including thirty-one slaves, consists of assets given in March of the current year 1842 to Martha by her father, Nicholas Marks, with the intention that they be for her "sole and separate use, free from the controls and liability for the debts of the said Thomas." Six days after the deed's execution, Thomas became the object of several monetary judgments which "levied the executions on the negro slaves herein before mentioned." The petitioners ask that "the said sheriff may be restrained and prevented from enforcing" the executions on the "said mentioned negro slaves and all other property conveyed in the said deed of trust."

Result: Dismissed.

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Repository: Lowndes County Courthouse, Hayneville, Alabama