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Margaret Selina Oliver seeks to divorce her husband, Creed T. Oliver, and petitions for her dower's portion out of the estate of her late first husband, John McGill. During her widowhood, Margaret was the co-administrator of John McGill's "large real and personal estate consisting of lands and slaves and other personal property to a large amount." She reports that when she married Creed Oliver, he took over administration of McGill's estate and that he has made no accounting of the estate since that time. She further claims that Creed "became cruel and barbarous in his treatment to your Oratrix withdrawing all protection and affection from her...that he has with great force and violence thrown at your Oratrix open knives and Table forks that he has loaded his pistol with the intent as he said to shoot your Oratrix." For these reasons, she asks the court for a divorce and her share of her first husband's estate, maintaining that "she is entitled to her dower in all his real estate and to the one fifth part of all the personalty which remain over and above the payment of all his just debts."

Result: Granted.

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Repository: Lowndes County Courthouse, Hayneville, Alabama