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The petitioner, Isaac Owen, claims that a judgment for $208.77 levied against Andrew J. Walton "cannot be made out of him by law" due to Walton's insolvency. However, Owen charges that Walton, "in right of his wife is entitled to a distributive share of the estate of James M. Bowling," which will provide one thousand dollars. The estate has not yet been distributed and is in the possession of the administrator John Jackson, but Owen fears that Walton is "endeavoring fraudulently to dispose of his said wife distributive share." The petitioner asks that Jackson be restrained "from paying out and distributing the said distributive share." In addition, Owen states that Walton's wife received from her father 160 acres of land and five or six slaves for "her sole and separate use," and he asks that the judgment for his debt be satisfied from those assets.

Result: Dismissed.

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Repository: Lawrence County Historical Commission Archives, Moulton, Alabama