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Winney Jeter seeks to dissolve her marriage to Samuel Jeter and receive support from him. She writes that in August 1842 her husband "formed an illicit and adulterous intercourse with his overseer's wife, Mrs. Elizabeth Beard. She claims that Elizabeth Beard was "a known prostitute." Winney says that Samuel's behavior has "become so cruel barbarous and inhumane as to create an alarm for her personal safety." The petitioner cites one occasion when her husband beat her with "a large walking cane" and only the intervention of her seventeen-year-old son spared her a fatal injury. She has now left her home and seeks the protection and support of the court. Winney testifies that prior to the marriage she owned about seven hundred dollars and "five Negroes which with their increase up to the present time including those sold by the defendant amount to fourteen negroes." She notes that the defendant now possesses forty-three Negroes, "most of which are valuable," and that he also owns a considerable amount of property including land worth at least eight thousand dollars and cash amounting to about twelve hundred dollars. The petitioner, with the support of her brother and next friend, Asa R. Cone, seeks a court order or seizure of the defendant's personal property to pay the costs of the suit and alimony, a dissolution of the marriage, an answer from the defendant, and all other proper relief.

Result: Partially granted.

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