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Prior to their marriage in 1841, James A. Young signed an agreement granting his wife-to-be, Elpha McDaniel, title to a plantation, and ownership to several slaves, including Mimma, Daniel, and "a negro man, worth six or seven hundred dollars." He did so, Elpha explains, to induce her to marry him as he is an old man "feeble and infirm in body," while she is young, vigorous, and healthy. Elpha says that her husband is now "ill disposed and ill natured towards her without cause or provocation." He is attempting to get rid of her property, despite the contract, and to sell his own property to prevent her from receiving it after his death. She fears that she will be left "a helpless widow, nearly destitute of all means of support, except her own personal exertions, and the cold charities of a selfish world." Illiterate and unfamiliar with the law, she asks that a trustee be appointed to take possession of the property mentioned in the contract, and that her husband be forced to provide for her welfare.

Result: Partially granted.

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