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Catharine Jordan charges that her husband, James D. Jordan, has been living in adultery with another women, Dilsey Quick, and "has become the father of several children by her." Furthermore, in 1842, after some twenty-seven years of marriage, he abandoned her "bed and board" and moved to Georgia. He took with him all his property including five Negroes: Dick, about fourteen, Tom, about twenty-eight, Sarah, thirty-five, Cloe, forty, and "a girl Some Seven years of age, name not recollected, all of rather dark complecion, all of the aggregate value of twenty seven Hundred Dollars." He also took a wagon, four horses, twenty-five head of cattle, thirty head of hogs, worth a total of five hundred dollars, and "notes and accounts" worth five hundred dollars. She asks for a divorce and alimony, and "further relief in the premises, as shall be equitable." The court grants her a divorce and returns her "the right and privileges" of a feme sole.

Result: Granted; set aside.

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