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In 1826, Temperance B. Eaton and Lunsford L. Alsobrook of Warren County, North Carolina, signed a premarital agreement placing Temperance's eight slaves in a trust estate for her sole and separate use. In 1836, the couple moved to Alabama, taking with them seven of the trust estate slaves and a new slave traded for the one left behind in North Carolina. In 1838, Temperance asserts, the slaves were "wrongfully and illegally" taken out of her possession and sold at auction "under a certain Deed in Trust made by her said husband." One slave, Dick, was sold to Richard Inge, then to Thomas Tart. When Tart died, Dick came into the possession of Tart's estate administrator, William H. Pratt of Mobile County. Temperance Alsobrook sues Pratt as well as her husband, a "lunatic" from whom she is separated in bed and board, for "the value & amount of the hire & services" of Dick. She argues that Dick is worth fifteen hundred dollars with a yearly hire worth two hundred dollars.

Result: Granted.

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