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In 1844, John Strom purchased from Henry F. Slatter of New Orleans a slave named James for $690, but within four or five days James died from pleurisy "or a disease of like character." Slatter, the petitioner, contends that James was in good health when sold to Strom, but that he caught "pleurisy" from exposure to intemperate weather only a couple of days after the sale and while in Strom's possession. Slatter further contends that, at first, Strom did not make any demands on him but, being in small pecuniary circumstances, requested him to bear half the loss. Slatter denied the request. In 1845, however, Strom sued Slatter, who owned land in the city of Montgomery, arguing that James was sick when he was sold. The next year, Strom won a civil suit with a jury awarding him seven hundred dollars. Now, in a countersuit, Slatter contends that James died "from exposure to bad weather" and "was sound and free from disease" when sold. Slatter asks for an injunction restraining Strom "and all others his agents and attornies from the collecting of said judgment and any further proceedings."

Result: Dismissed.

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