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In 1805, Martha Walton of Prince Edward County, Virginia, conveyed in trust to her granddaughter Martha Williams and her children, a nine-year-old slave child named Nancy Dean and her future increase; in 1806, Thomas Scott conveyed to Martha and her children a ten-year-old child named Cloe, and their future increase. In 1807, General Thomas Glasscock of Richmond County, Georgia, conveyed to Martha and her children nine slaves, including Rose and her children Ben, Lizza, and Bob, and Jim and his wife Jenny and her children George, Anny, and Jim; and in 1807, James Gresham of Wilkes County, Georgia, conveyed to the same three more slaves. Martha and Zachariah had three children: Robert, Blanche, and Mary, who stood to inherit the slaves at Martha's death, but many years after Martha had died and Zachariah had remarried, the father maintained control over the slaves. In 1827, the children--Robert W. Williams, Blanche Gibson, and Mary W. Evans--conveyed to their father all of the slaves with their increase they had inherited from their mother. By then the slaves numbered "upwards of thirty." In 1837, Zachariah Williams moved from Richmond County, Georgia, to Barbour County, Alabama, where he died in 1840, leaving as heirs children from his first marriage and also children from his second marriage. Now Mary W. Williams Evans and her husband are suing Zachariah's widow, Sarah, and the children from the second marriage, including Zachariah, Evelina W. Dobbins, and Gazaway D. Williams. Mary Evans seeks a portion of the slave property, and compensation equal to the hire of slaves purchased by Zechariah "out of the trust funds in his hands."

Result: Granted.

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