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In 1844, after many years of domestic bliss, Bradly Glover sold his property, abandoned his wife, Eliza H. Glover, and moved to Alabama, taking along two slaves, a boy and a woman. Eliza, who still resides in Buckingham County, Virginia, alleges that he "was at the time he left, and had been for sometime previous, in habits of ilicit intercourse with said negro woman, and as your Oratrix believes still keeps the said woman for the purpose of sexual intercourse." Eliza seeks alimony. She has been "accustomed to have all the comforts and many of the luxuries of life furnished to her, without personal exertions of her own." Now, she is "helpless and destitute." She asks for an injunction to prevent people from paying Glover what they owe him, and asks that she might keep some of the money as "a suitable and comfortable support."

Result: Dismissed.

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Repository: Sumter County Courthouse, Livingston, Alabama