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On 25 October 1844, Hardy Jones conveyed to his nephew, General Jackson Bryant, "a parcel of Negroes" for five hundred dollars. The conveyance was made "in consideration of services which the complainant had rendered" to his uncle by "ministering to his comforts and necessities in his sickness and in taking care of him when he seemed to be cast off by his own children." The slaves included thirty-year-old California, twenty-four-year-old July and her children, eighteen- or twenty-year-old Mary, a yellow complexioned woman, Harry, about twenty-eight, Griff, about twenty-three and yellow colored, and Anthony, twenty-five. Since Jones needed the slaves to "gather his crop and comply with the contract which he had made with his overseer," Bryant agreed to hire them back to him at twenty-five dollars per month. Shortly thereafter, Jones died and his heirs took possession of the slaves, including Mary, who was taken by Riley G. Ingraham, Jones's son-in-law. Bryant fears that Mary will be taken out of the state. He asks that Ingraham be subpoenaed, and that the sheriff seize Mary while the case is pending.

Result: Granted.

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